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Pregnancy Care Solutions

Our Pregnancy Care solution is a Pro-Active/Preventive Ante-natal care for Pregnant woman by continuous Patient Engagement program. Once a Pregnancy is confirmed by the Doctor, the pregnanct women can be subscribed into this program by the Heath care Provider (Typically Hospitals or Maternity clinics or Obstrecian). Once subscribed, the pregnant woman along with its family members are constantly engaged through the dedicated mobile APP, Voice calls, etc. The care involves educating the pregnant woman about each Trimester, symptoms awareness, monitoring, providing communication with designated doctors, etc. The Pregnancy Care can provide the following services to the Pregnant woman.

Pregnancy Care Solutions

Key Features

Continous Educating about the Pregnancy stages

Constant awareness about Each Trimester, baby’s growth, Expected symptoms, Symptoms to watchout, etc.

Progressive Reminders for Hospital and scan visits

Progressive Visit reminders and followup with alerts across

Personalized Food/Travel/Excercise Recommendations

Practical Food recommendations based on Economic status, Region, Eating Habits

Special recommendations for High-Risk Pregnancy Care

Carefully crafted Food/Travel, Excercise recommendations for High Risk Pregnancy

"Ask" Your Doctor": Ask questions through Mobile App

Clarify your non-critical doubts with your doctor through Text queries

"Call Your Doctor": Have video call through Mobile App

Appointment management and Video call with your designated Doctor

Remote Monitoring and alerts

Ability to send your health data to provider

High-Risk Symptoms education

Educating about the Risks and its Management.

Mental health improvement and Preparation for Child Birth

Every day Quotes, Inspiring stories, Music recommendation, etc.

Multi-languages support

Support in Local Langauges for far reach across different Regions

Support for Feature phones also

Widening the service to the Rural and Economically lower urban population

Covid Guidelines during Pregnancy

Masking and Travel guidelines, at home Practices, Covid Management and Vaccination information

Improving living standards of our people through Technology assisted solutions

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